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Since 2018


I have two children at Dripping Springs Elementary – we love it, the team there is amazing – our children have been attending in-person since September.  However, depending on DISTRICT policies for Fall 2021, we are exploring private options for at least one of our children.


All things collegiate student housing – going on 17 years.  I started as a student employee in college and never left.  I have managed student housing communities in 3 university markets (Boulder, CO – Denver, CO – Laramie, WY). 

I accepted a corporate position here in Texas working in Residence Life, focused on providing high quality student experiences, and the hiring, training, and development of our student employees nationwide. 

In 2016 I was invited to oversee our Employee Development and Recruiting efforts for our corporate offices and our communities nationwide.  Our team is passionately invested in identifying internal and external talent and partnering with those employees as they seek growth and development within our organization. 

More recently I have had the opportunity to expand my role beyond Employee Development and Recruiting to include my original passion, Residence Life.  My career has come full circle, and there is no doubt that I am blessed to truly LOVE WHAT I DO!


Member of LifeAustin

DS High School Cornerstone Program 

Mentoring high school senior interns

DS High School Senior Portfolio Review Panelist

DSYSA Soccer Coach

Fall 2020 Champs!

Girl Scouts Cookie Mom

One of the most demanding and rewarding jobs I’ve ever had…high volume troop!


LifeAustin because we have been blessed and believe in sharing those blessings so that others might have

life-giving transformations.

The Refuge for DMST because human trafficking is a plague on modern society that seems to be treated like a dirty little secret not suitable for “polite conversation”.  According to The University of Texas – “Human Trafficking by the Numbers” (2016), an estimated 79,000 children and young adults in the state of Texas alone have been sex trafficked.  Places like The Refuge for DMST need all the help and support they can get to provide long term recovery care for traumatized children rescued from sex trafficking. 

The Rise School of Austin – because we should never underestimate children’s abilities and the impact they may have on the world when given a conducive environment to blossom and grow.

Compassion Internationaltheir website says it best, “Because Jesus is our core, everything we do for children is meant to reflect God's heart…We love God, and we demonstrate our love and live out our faith by extending care to others — in Jesus' name — irrespective of caste, creed, class or religion.” 

Boys and Girls Club of Austinbecause all children deserve healthy nurturing relationships with people they can look up to, learn from, and receive support.

Hi, How Are You Project because removing the stigma surrounding mental health conversations is the first step to healing people and enhancing interpersonal connectivity through a simple heartfelt question, “Hi, how are you?”.

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